Natal Drums unveils DNA Stealth low-volume practice kit

Natal DNA Stealth practice kit
(Image credit: Natal)

Natal has announced the release of its brand new DNA Stealth kit, a mesh head-equipped acoustic kit aimed at making playing drums at low volumes easier in environments where noise and space is is a concern, offering an alternative to practice pads

The four-piece DNA Stealth features an 18” bass drum, 10” rack tom and 14” floor tom, along with a 13” snare, all of which are made from 6-ply basswood shells, and, given their smaller footprint should fit into cramped spaces easily. 

Tuneable black mesh heads come fitted as standard, offering a significant drop in volume levels while - unlike solid pads - still producing individual sounds and pitches from each drum and maintaining the feel and response of a regular acoustic kit, allowing for the transfer of technique. Finished in a black wrap with black hardware, the DNA looks stealthy too.

It’s not just the drums that have been quietened, though. Natal’s DNA Stealth comes with a set of low-volume metal cymbals for similarly familiar feel when playing, and Natal has also bundled the kit with a bass drum-mounted cymbal holder, hi-hat and snare stands, as well as a bass drum pedal and throne - everything you need to start playing on-the-quiet straight out of the box.

The DNA Stealth is essentially an acoustic kit that can be fitted with regular or mesh heads interchangably, meaning that if you need to take the kit into louder playing scenarios it’s a case of swapping the heads and adding your favourite cymbals to the stands. The fact that it comes with Natal’s mesh heads pre-fitted could also make this a prime candidate for acoustic/electric conversion too.

Natal is also offering a DNA Stealth snare pack featuring the snare, sticks, stand and a Natal bag, which we think will be a hit with teachers for group lessons, or simply for drummers who want to practice rudiments on a dedicated mesh head-equipped drum rather than a pad. 

Craig Glover, Head of Natal products says, “By combining the mesh heads and a smaller footprint we’ve created the perfect at-home drum kit. Players can now play a real kit that offers great response and allows them to perfect their technique without compromising on style.”

The Natal DNA Stealth is available now, with a suggested retail price of £399.

Stuart Williams

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