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NAMM 2020: Small, compact, digital and with a "tube-like performance," Mooer Audio unveils the SD Amplifier Series

(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

NAMM 2020: Boasting a generous complement of onboard effects, 25 digital preamp models, a compact format and an accessible price, Mooer Audio's SD Amplifier Series offers another option for the bedroom player who prizes a a lot of versatility from their amp.

That's not to say that the SD Series won't prove useful in the studio or at small gigs – the XLR output on the 75-watt SD75 could come in handy there – but at £369.99 for the SD75 and £259 for the 30-watt SD30 these will give you stacks of features for not a lot of dough, and a Jam section that is ideal for long nights honing your chops at home.

The SD Series marries Mooer's digital preamp modelling tech to conventional solid-state Class A/B amplification techniques. The result, says Mooer, is a "tube like" response. With that in mind, you can then dial in one of the 25 digital modelling preamps to find an amp tone you like, then choose from 28 onboard stompbox effects. There are eight drive pedals, nine modulation pedals, five delay pedals with tap-tempo functionality, and six types of reverb. 

Oh, and there is a built-in chromatic tuner.

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Mooer Audio SD375

Mooer Audio SD375 (Image credit: Mooer Audio)
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Mooer Audio SD30

Mooer Audio SD30 (Image credit: Mooer Audio)
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The Mooer Audio SD75 has a 12" speaker, effects loop, USB and balanced XLR output

The Mooer Audio SD75 has a 12" speaker, effects loop, USB and balanced XLR output (Image credit: Mooer Audio)

Once you've got your tone you'll then want to investigate the Jam section of the amp, which really is a great practice tool, with an onboard looper with 150 seconds of recording time, drum machine, aux in or Bluetooth for syncing audio to play along to.

The SD Series being the modern beast that it is, there are up to 40 preset slots so you can save your settings. A wireless footswitch let's you access them on the fly – making the SD Series a one-stop shop for your rig if you wanted. The SD75 ships with the footswitch but is an optional extra for the SD30.

As for hardware, the SD75 houses a Mooer 100-watt 12" speaker, the SD30 an 8" Mooer speaker. 

The SD Amplifier Series is available to order now. See Mooer Audio for more details.

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