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NAMM 2020: Behringer takes on Korg as it launches its own ARP 2600 synth clone

NAMM 2020: You wait ages for one ARP 2600 remake to arrive and then… well, you know what’s coming. After Korg’s reboot of the classic semi-modular synth was announced in the run-up to NAMM, Behringer has now delivered on its promise to create its own ‘new’ 2600.

Unlike Korg’s, Behringer’s take on the ARP classic appears to be a rackmounted machine. Synth guru Rob Keeble, who’s been working on the instrument, says that the aim was to produce an authentic recreation of the original while also creating something that’s “clear and precise” and can be easily tuned.

As you can see, the Behringer 2600 features coloured LEDs - these are dimmable - and you get both the 4012 ladder filter from the original synth and the 4072 filter that was included in later revisions and also ARP’s Odyssey synth. 

The hardware you can see in the video above is the second prototype - Behringer says that the finished version should be ready in time for Superbooth. There’s no word yet on price, but the fact that there doesn’t appear to be a keyboard and that, well, this is Behringer, makes us confident that this 2600 will cost less than the $3,899 that Korg is asking for its version.

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