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NAMM 2019: This leaked image of a naked-looking synth has all the hallmarks of an Analogue Solutions instrument

NAMM 2019: This image of an unfinished synth is doing the rounds and there’s good cause to believe that it has been crafted by the very capable hands of Tom Carpenter, aka Analogue Solutions.

All the hallmarks are there, from the type of rotaries and switches deployed, to the chassis itself, all very reminiscent of the Telemark and Fusebox monosynths.

Other than that, we’ve not got much to go on. In fact, we’re just left with more questions: will it be monophonic, or polyphonic, how many oscillators are looking at and what about that ominous glow from within?  

In a recent post on Facebook, Tom states that the synth is very much in prototype phase and while he, obviously, doesn’t want to divulge too much information at this stage, did let slip that one of the controls is called “Merlin’s knob”. Whether, or not that particular feature makes it to the final version remains to be seen.

With the UK-based synth-maker heading over to LA at the end of the month to show off the new edition of the Generator sequencer, we can only hope that this, whatever it is, will also be in attendance.

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