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NAMM 2019: Ibanez and Vemuram have teamed-up for a Tube Screamer and Jan Ray hybrid

NAMM 2019: Ibanez and Japanese boutique firm Vemuram have announced a new collaboration in the form of the TSV808, which melds a Tube Screamer and Jan Ray, each firm's most notable pedals.

Ibanez says the TSV808 is not a simple two-in-one, rather it is a combination of components from each stompbox to make something new. The reported result is a TS-style "mid-boost, but also the wide dynamic range and frequency response of the Jan Ray". It's also 7dB louder than a typical Tube Screamer.

Build quality was also paramount, so the new hybrid pedal is housed in the brass enclosure synonymous with Vemuram, while internally the firm's production practices are evident in a quad-layered PCB. Back on the outside, the brass/green finish is another nod to the box's joint heritage. 


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