NAMM 2019: Focal’s Trio11 Be monitors could be the speakers you dream of owning but will never afford

NAMM 2019: Focal’s reputation for producing high-quality studio monitors is second to none, so we have high hopes for its new Trio11 Be speaker.

Designed for nearfield and midfield applications, this offers 5-inch midrange and 10-inch sub drivers, along with a a pure beryllium inverted dome tweeter. There’s a high SPL (118dB at 1m) and we’re promised ultra-low distortion and noise.

The aluminium plate that incorporates the tweeter and woofer is adjustable through 360 degrees in 90 degree increments, which means that you can position the Trio11 Be either vertically or horizontally. There’s also the Focus mode: this enables you to use the speaker as a 3-way monitor with frequency response across the spectrum (30Hz - 40kHz) or as a 2-way monitor with more limited frequency response (90Hz to 20kHz). The thinking here is that this will enable you to check that your mixes will still sound good on more limited audio systems such as TVs, computers and cars stereos.

These are flagship monitors and, as such, come at a flagship price: around $4,000 a pop, by the looks of it. We can dream, though.

Find out more on the Focal website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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