NAMM 2018: Stand-alone hybrid drum units and pro-level triggering module from Roland

NAMM 2018: Japanese giant Roland has announced the release of two highly-desirable pieces of hybrid drum kit. 

Its RT-MicS Hybrid Drum Module looks like a great solution for individual drum hybridisation and triggering, and you'll find out much more about that on page 2. First though, let's take a look at Roland's...


The TM-6, capably demoed in the video above, is a pro-level hybrid drumming unit that coms out of the box with 500 sampled sounds, including many newly recorded at world-famous studios, plus 268 of Roland's now-familiar V-Drums sounds, 80 ready-to-use kits, and inputs for connecting up to 12 pads and/or drum triggers. Plus, you can of course import your own samples. 

From the TM-6 PRO’s panel, players can assign, mix, and modify sounds, apply built-in effects, monitor trigger status, and more. It’s also possible to play backing tracks directly from SD media, and use the TM-6 PRO as a USB audio interface and trigger-to-MIDI converter for a computer DAW. 

The TM-6 PRO features six dual-trigger inputs that can accommodate up to 12 total trigger devices when using Y cables. Available Roland devices include V-Pads, RT-series acoustic drum triggers, the BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad, and more. There’s also a hi-hat control input for connecting an FD-8 hi-hat pedal as well as four assignable audio outputs, a click track and headphones monitoring.

At the moment, launch date and price are TBC - for more info, visit

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