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NAMM 2018: Jared Dines and Ormsby have created an 18-string djent monstrosity

NAMM 2018: Australian luthier Perry Ormsby and YouTube personality Jared Dines have teamed-up to celebrate 2018 by creating this frankly offensive 18-string multiscale signature guitar, dubbed the DJENT2018.

The neck is a nine-piece construction of mahogany, Tasmanian blackwood and ebony, complete with three truss rods

The body is made from Tasmanian blackwood and features a stone top - yep, you read that right - while the African ebony fretboard has been inlaid with stones and shells and Jared Dines' logo portrait. The neck is a nine-piece construction of mahogany, Tasmanian blackwood and ebony and is reinforced with carbon alongside three truss rods. 

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The pickups, as you might expect on an 18-stringer, have been custom-built by Ormsby and are designed to relay the full array of disgustingly low notes that issue forth from the DJENT2018. Topping off the list of features are a glow-in-the-dark inlays and an LED logo in the headstock, which if you ask us, is over-egging it. We were onboard until that point.

Sadly, the DJENT2018 won't be available for general sale, but if you're intrigued by the luthier mind behind this mad creation, Ormsby produces handmade instruments from $2,999, while the GTR Series of production models can be picked up from $1,200.

The DJENT2018 is the latest instrument in a bit of a saga for Dines, following the considerably more DIY one-string DJENT2016 and the ill-fated DJENT17 last year. 

If you want to keep track of DJENT2018, we expect to see it pop up on Jared Dines' YouTube channel later this year, presumably as soon as he's managed to tune it...

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