Larrivée announces signature acoustic guitar for Tommy Emmanuel

In a surprise move, Canadian acoustic guitar builder Larrivée has announced a custom model for Australian virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel.

The cutaway C-03R-TE follows the C-10 12 fret model Jean Larrivée built for Tommy that he's used live and on record. 

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"Then a few years ago, as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, we built a replica of Tommy's C-10 custom and gave it away at a Tommy Emmanuel show in Santa Barbara," explains the company's John Larrivée Jr. 

"The feedback was overwhelming. Many Tommy fans and Larrivée players alike wanted to get their hands on one. But a C-10 custom with inlay can be unaffordable to most people. That's when Tommy and I started talking about replicating his C-10 on an 03 Series and making it more accessible to players.

It's been lovely to have Tommy's full support and supported enthusiasm

"Tommy loved the idea, so we took the key features of East Indian Rosewood back & sides, BC Sitka Spruce top, Florentine cutaway, and 12 fret neck joint and put them on one of our 03 series. What we came up with was the C-03R-TE Custom 'Tommy Emmanuel'. 

"It's been lovely to have Tommy's full support and supported enthusiasm. What a great ride sharing his name with Larrivée. Of course, every label inside the guitar is hand-signed."

More Tommy

In further Larrivée news, the brand is being relaunched in the UK with a new distributor, 440 Distribution, with the Tommy Emmanuel custom as the brand's flagship model.

The Leeds-based company is run by Tom Harrison with a roster that includes Cort, Godin and Fishman. 

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