IK Multimedia take iLoud pro with new Precision Studio monitors

iLoud Precision
(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

IK Multimedia had winners on its hands with the well-received iLoud Micro Monitor, which delivered affordable quality monitoring to home studios, and the expanded iLoud MTM models.

Now IK is aiming to take the iLoud range into the pro realm with three new models. This new line-up, billed as the Precision range, features two two-way monitors, one with a 5-inch driver and one 6.5-inch, and a range-topping MTM model, which is a three-way design featuring two 5-inch drivers.

The iLoud Precision offers a frequency response from 36Hz to 30kHz with a +/-1dB tolerance from 45Hx upwards. The Class D amps onboard promise true linear phase response above 150 Hz and the 96kHz internal DSP processing keeps top and bottom in check depending on the room where you place them.

As with other iLoud monitors, the Precision range makes use of IK’s impressive ARC calibration system. With the help of the included microphone, this allows IK’s software to measure the listening environment and ‘tune’ the response of the speakers to suit the individual studio space..

The Precision range expands on these capabilities with the introduction of the new X-Monitor application. This is a desktop control app that works in conjunction with the ARC collaboration, allowing users to fine tune the monitors’ response and adjust various settings.

Intriguingly, X-Monitor also promises to emulate the frequency and phase response of a variety of legendary studio monitors and hi-fi speakers. There are over 20 to choose from out of the box, with more being added via software updates. So if you’ve ever wondered what your music would sound like from a pair of [insert famous monitors here] then that sound – and that extra confidence in your mix – is just a click away.  

In addition to the smart self-calibration the iLoud Precision features low- and high-frequency management options on the hardware and via X-Monitor.

IK is also including a set of four iLoud Isolation Pods with each speaker, being the perfect stand for the monitor on any surface, reducing the propagation of vibrations and unwanted fake bass.

For an extra touch of convenience, IK are also offering an optional iLoud Precision Remote Control that lets users switch between X-Monitor speaker emulations, turn the ARC DSP on/off, or mute and dim the monitor.

Pricing (excluding local taxes) is $/€899.99 for iLoud Precision 5. $/€999.99 for iLoud Precision 6. And $/€1,199.99 for the top-of-the-line iLoud Precision MTM. The optional iLoud Precision Remote Control will set you back $/€69.99

iLoud Precision is available now at IK Multimedia’s online store and from IK dealers worldwide.

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