IK Multimedia iLoud MTM review

A compact monitoring solution for when you need a forensic level of detail

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MusicRadar Verdict

The iLoud MTM is a remarkable feat of audio engineering in bringing such a surgical level of detail at in such a small format. It makes an ideal choice for those with crowded desks, and those who want to dive deeper into their mix.


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    Excellent value.

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    Compact size is perfect for home studios.

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    Level of detail is unsparing.

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    Onboard calibration.

  • +

    Perfect for home studios.


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    A large control room might swallow them whole.

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What is it?

Flushed with the resounding success of the iLoud Micro, IK Multimedia has gone all-in with its sound reproduction efforts, with the iLoud MTM – a new design offering a totally neutral monitoring solution.

The iLoud MTM is a compact, active studio monitor, built of injection-moulded plastic. It measures 264x160x130mm and weights just 2.5kg. The ‘MTM’ of its designation refers to the D’Appolito configuration – in this case that positions a 1” back-chamber loaded tweeter (T) between a pair of 3.5” mid-range (M) woofers, plus a bass reflex port hidden around the back.

You can angle the iLoud MTM up to 20º for desktop placement.

Everything here is controlled by DSP. There is a set of buttons at the back facilitating high and low frequency shelving by a couple of dB, and rolling off of low frequencies at 40, 50 or 60Hz. 

You can choose from three callibration settings: flat, custom, and desktop, which is a fixed filter to compensate for the standing surface. This custom setting is created via the incredibly effective iLoud-optimised version of IK’s proprietary ARC calibration system. This is built into the speakers themselves, with the measurement mic is included, and will compensate your room's acoustics by internally adjusting the frequency response.

Performance and verdict

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IK’s patent-pending Physical Response Linearization system tweaks performance in real-time to maintain solidity in the low end.

Altogether there is 100W of output, hitting 103dB SPL. The onboard DSP allows for phase-coherency across the full frequency spectrum – a key feature of the unit, and one which makes the this speaker brutally ‘honest’. It really is clinical with your mixes, taking imaging to a level that we’d expect to hear from monitors at three times the price. 

Those mid/high details that hitherto were too subtle, going unnoticed, are now perfectly audible. The corrective targeting of individual elements within the mix is supernaturally easy. That solidity in the bass allied to the level of control is just remarkable for a speaker of this size, too. To top it off, they never get fatiguing.

MusicRadar verdict: The iLoud MTM is a remarkable feat of audio engineering in bringing such a surgical level of detail at in such a small format. It makes an ideal choice for those with crowded desks, and those who want to dive deeper into their mix.

The web says

"When set up in a great-sounding control room, the MTMs aren’t overly impressive, but when placed in less desirable or acoustically compromised sonic locations, iLoud MTM monitors truly shine."
Prosound Network

"Though compact and affordable, IK's newest monitors manage to cram in a remarkable amount of tech – and the results speak for themselves."
Sound On Sound

Hands-on demos

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM





  • Type: 2-Way/3-speakers bi-amped, digitally controlled studio monitor
  • LF Drivers: 2 x 3.5” polypropylene custom made mid-woofers
  • HF Driver: 1” low distortion, back chambered silk dome tweeter
  • Acoustic Design: DSP tuned bass reflex
  • Number of amps per speaker: 2
  • Amplifiers type: High-efficiency Class-D
  • Total power: 100W RMS
  • LF power: 70W RMS
  • HF power: 30W RMS
  • Crossover Type: Linear Phase Variable Order
  • Crossover Frequency: 3.1kHz
  • Frequency response: from 50 Hz to 24 kHz +/- 2dB (40 Hz -6dB when uncal, -3 dB when cal)
  • Phase response: System remains coherent within +/- 15° from 200Hz to 20kHz
  • Sensitivity at +4dBu: 0dBu signal generates a 100 dB SPL @ 1 m
  • Sensitivity at -10dBV: -11dBu signal generates a 100 dB SPL @ 1 m
  • Maximum SPL @ 1m, one speaker playing, on axis: 103dB from 200Hz up sine wave, 95dB at 100Hz sine, 93dB pink noise
  • Placement setup: Manual switches for LF Extension, LF trim, HF trim, Desk position
  • LF extension: switch Sets -3dB point of the frequency response at 40, 50 or 60 Hz
  • LF switch: Low shelf, +2dB or -3dB from 100Hz down
  • HF switch: high shelf, +2dB or -2dB from 8kHz up
  • Desk switch: -4dB at 160Hz and +1dB at 1.8kHz
  • Calibration: Fully automatic and built-in digital calibration, microphone included
  • Measurement Microphone: Omnidirectional, Mems based precision measurement microphone
  • Full DSP control
  • Connectors: 1x combo XLR-1/4” TRS balanced input; 1/8” TS ARC microphone input, 1 x USB type-B (service use only), AC POWER socket
  • Power requirement: 90 to 240 V AC, auto-ranging, 50 or 60Hz, 120W max power consumption
  • Size: 264mm/10.39" x 160mm/6.3" x 130mm/5.12"
  • Weight (per speaker): 2,5kg/5.5lbs (speaker + foot)
  • CONTACT: IK Multimedia