IK Multimedia brings 4 iconic tape machines to your DAW as T-RackS plugins

IK Multimedia’s T-RackS Tape Machine Collection is here to bring the sound and character of four classic tape machines to your DAW: the Ampex 440B, Studer A80, MCI JH24 and Revox PR99.

The collection is designed to fulfil the needs of those who want to give their digital recordings a touch of analogue-style saturation, EQ and cohesion, and is said to be based on two years of research and development. All of the original hardware models were renovated, stripped back and analysed in order to produce a model of the entire tape recording process.

Each of the machines being emulated offers a slightly different sonic character, and you can also select from four different tape formulations. This will affect the tone, too.

The control set for each tape machine is the same, making the collection easier to use and giving you the opportunity to make quick A/B/C/D comparisons between each model.

All the tape machines can be run as individual plugins or inside the T-RackS 5 shell. You can currently buy the entire collection for $99.99/€99.99 (regular price is $199.99/€199.99) or get each plugin separately for $79.99/€79.99 each (regular price is $99.99/€99.99 each).  

Find out more on the IK Multimedia website.

Ben Rogerson

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