Musikmesse 2012: Blackstar Amplification to launch biggest ever product

Can you guess what it is yet?
Can you guess what it is yet?

With Frankfurt Musikmesse 2012 just a few days away, Blackstar Amplification has released the first tantalising glimpse of what is being billed as the company's "biggest ever" product launch.

Apart from the instantly-recognisable silhouette of Jamie Humphries, the teaser video above reveals that the new product is, unsurprisingly, a guitar amplifier. And erm, it has lights on it.

The truth is, we've seen and heard it in real life, but we're not telling. You've have to wait for our huge video exclusive next week to check it out for yourself.

In the meantime, in what is a huge coup for the Northampton-based company, Richie Sambora has been announced as the latest high profile artist to join the Blackstar ranks. The Bon Jovi star has been using Blackstar's Artisan 100 and Series One S1-104 6L6 amplifiers.

"From studios to stadiums, these are the amps I use." Says Sambora.

Blackstar's Marketing and Artist Liaison Manager, Joel Richardson commented, "We're extremely proud to have such a high calibre artist as Richie joining the Blackstar family. With 2012 marking our fifth anniversary it's great to see such a diverse range of guitarists choosing Blackstar. It shows how Blackstar amps cater for up-and-coming bands all the way through to legends such as Richie".

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