MusicRadar's 2008 review: top 10 stories

Joe Satriani and Chris Martin take each other on
Joe Satriani and Chris Martin take each other on

2008 has been a year of many different trends in music, and not a little controversy.

The latter half of the year seemed to be dominated by the release of albums by three veteran rock bands - Metallica, AC/DC and Guns N' Roses. Meanwhile, music technology - particularly DAWs - seemed to be affecting the way every musician worked.

And when it came to Joe Satriani vs Coldplay case, the old adage was proved once again: where there's a hit there's a writ.

Here are MusicRadar's top 10 stories of 2008...

1. Noel Gallagher doesn't like goblin laser sex

At 41, Noel Gallagher claims he's mellowed. MusicRadar didn't think so when we spoke exclusively to him in September. Speaking about Guitar Hero and Rock Band versus other video games, he said, "I'd rather that genre of video games than somebody getting their fucking head chopped off with a samurai sword while getting fucked by a goblin up the arse with a laser." Needless to say, he ended up in the papers and all over gossip sites. Again.

2. Joe Satriani sues Coldplay

Satriani vs Coldplay was 2008's big legal story

We got the inside story from Joe Satriani on why he's suing Coldplay over the melody of Viva La Vida, and everyone from Rolling Stone to The Guardian newspaper quoted MusicRadar's interview. And the matter's not resolved yet, despite Coldplay's attempts to brush it away. Whatever happens in 2009, it's going to be fascinating for any musician who's tried to write something original.

3. Pro Tools 8 arrives

Pro Tools 8 got everyone excited

The most comprehensive update of the DAW in years will be talked about well into 2009. MusicRadar got its hands on an early Pro Tools 8 package only days before Christmas and we were thoroughly impressed.

4. More people talk about Guns N' Roses than actually buy the albums

Axl joins Velvet Revolver? That's what you want!

Chinese Democracy is finally released and opinion is mixed to say the least. After only a few weeks, it falls quickly down the charts. Meanwhile, Axl Rose's ex-bandmates in Velvet Revolver lose their singer and nothing seems to add up for any of them. Reunion? Who knows with this lot? Meanwhile MusicRadar users think Axl should just join VR. "Yeah, right" Slash responds...

5. Metallica forget how to mix an album

MusicRadar thought Death Magnetic was an artistic return to form for Metallica, but it soon became clear that many fans didn't like the mix. Indeed, many preferred its version in the video game Guitar Hero and demanded a refund on their CD purchase. The mastering engineer spoke out, the band insisted it sounded "smokin'", and everyone learned more about the Loudness Wars.

6. Everybody's using GarageBand and Logic

It's perhaps no surprise but in 2008 we learned just how much the Apple apps are now a serious songwriting tools for The Killers, Oasis, Snow Patrol, Justice and more. MusicRadar's GarageBand tutorials were also hugely popular.

7. Korg unleashes the nanoSeries

Korg's nanoSeries continue to fascinate

There was huge anticipation of Korg's cute nanoSeries and understandably so - these lightweight MIDI devices seemed revolutionary for making music on the go. When MusicRadar first got its hands on them for a nanoSeries review we had reservations, but they'll remain a surefire talking point in tech music-making.

8. Jesus is found on a Washburn guitar

Yes Jesus arrived. And it wasn't even Christmas, back then.

9. 'Led Zeppelin' vow to reform without Robert Plant

What madness is this? Robert Plant says he doesn't want to tour with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones as Led Zeppelin but Jones says they'll continue anyway. MusicRadar's users don't think much of the singer rumoured to be favourite to step in.

10. Mitch Mitchell dies

The Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer passes away in November, meaning the last member of the legendary 1960s trio has now gone.


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