Justice: "We still use GarageBand"

Justice it s not the software you have it s how you use it
Justice: it's not the software you have, it's how you use it.

Their debut album Cross may have become a best seller, but it turns out that French duo Justice are still making their music in Apple's GarageBand.

The band famously created much of Cross in the supposedly entry-level software, and it seems likely that they'll be using it in the future, too.

Speaking to Pitchfork, Xavier de Rosnay said: "A lot of people think it's bullshit when we say we use GarageBand, but it's actually an amazing tool."

Justice aren't the only 'pro' GarageBand users, either - as you may know, the drum loop from Rihanna's Umbrella is a tweaked version of one that comes included with the program, and Usher's Love In This Club is also based on GarageBand content.

Meanwhile, up-and-coming British artist George Pringle was pictured with 'GarageBand until I die' scrawled on her body.