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This weekend marks the biggest event on the annual festival season calendar - Glastonbury Festival. Packing in more bands, artists and performers than you could even imagine shaking a stick at.

Whether you're heading to Glastonbury this weekend, or just going to be sitting at home in your mud-free living room, with your feet up, watching it on TV, we've devised the perfect way to bring a competitive, gambling element to what's meant to be a fun, community-spirited festival.

We've made 36 prediction for events we think you may (or may not) witness over the course of the Glastonbury weekend - from the near-impossible to the pretty-much-guaranteed.

All you need to do is print-off one of our GlastoBingo scorecards and cross off each event as you witness it, whether that be on TV or in the flesh.

You could easily turn this into a drinking game, although we neither encourage nor condone this sort of behaviour*.

*we sort-of do really.

Rules - Each prediction is worth one point, except for those marked with an asterisk, which are worth 50 points as they're really unlikely to happen. There are no prizes, just pride.

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Our predictions:

  1. Pulp show up and play a not-all-that-secret 'secret' set on the park stage.
  2. Five minutes of light rain result in the festival site becomes the muddiest thing ever known to man.
  3. Morrissey finally gives in to temptation and hits the hog roast van for dinner.*
  4. Chris Martin references The Wombles during Coldplay's set.
  5. The TV news headlines feature a clip of two or more people wrestling in a muddy puddle.
  6. TV coverage features a commentator explaining that although Glastonbury is now heavily commercialised, its founding spirit remains intact.
  7. Chris Martin sings a snatch of a Beyoncé song during Coldplay's set.
  8. Jay-Z guests during Beyoncé's set.
  9. TV coverage features a shot of Glastonbury Tor as the sun sets, then pans back and round to show the Pyramid Stage.
  10. Far too many people still manage to confuse wearing a wacky jester's hat/fairy wings and a tutu with actually having fun.
  11. Bono leads the crowd in an 'impromptu' singalong of One.
  12. Cee Lo Green takes to the stage in fancy dress.
  13. TV coverage features a shot of some cows in a field as the sun sets (just to make it clear that we're In The Country), then pans back and round to show the Pyramid Stage.
  14. Bono keeps his sunglasses on, even though it's dark and it's raining.
  15. Beyoncé doesn't cover U2 or Coldplay. Or The Wombles.
  16. A bewildered man wanders round the site looking for "Some dubstep".
  17. Big Boi turns up during Janelle Monae's set to do his verse on Tightrope. Monae then returns the favour by doing her part on Big Boi's Be Still. It's brilliant on both counts.
  18. Queens Of The Stone Age reunite with both Nick Oliveri and Dave Grohl and repeat their classic 2002 Other Stage set song-for-song.*
  19. Despite being placed next to each other on the Sunday afternoon Pyramid Stage bill, Two Door Cinema Club and Wu-Tang aren't spotted hanging-out together backstage.
  20. Kate Moss is spotted on site.
  21. Peaches Geldof is spotted on site.
  22. TV coverage features Zane Lowe talking in earnest about how great everything is.
  23. Michael Eavis proclaims this to be "the best Glastonbury ever".
  24. Billy Bragg turns up to 'hang out' with the BBC team at some point during the weekend coverage.
  25. Wayne Rooney is photographed smoking on site. A middle-class hippy oblivious to all things football asks him if he's got any puckers for sale.
  26. The barefoot Jo Whiley proclaims everything to be 'just amazing'.
  27. After several days of rain, the sun comes out on Sunday afternoon.
  28. Gwyneth Paltrow appears on stage with Cee Lo Green but not with Coldplay.
  29. Someone complains that the sound was rubbish/too quiet during one of the headliners' sets.
  30. TV coverage cuts away from something you're really enjoying to show U2's set live.
  31. Primal Scream singer Bobby Gillespie says something not altogether complimentary about another headlining act.
  32. Local news reporter files half-hearted stats-based story and disappears for 3 days.
  33. Parents transport a baby around the site in a wheelbarrow.
  34. Welly, sun screen or topical t-shirt-monger strikes gold
  35. Of the 120 trucks used to transport U2's current tour, at least 80 get stuck in the mud on the way to the site including, disastrously, those transporting The Edge's delay pedals.*
  36. Numerous people are spotted at Castle Cary station Monday morning regretting wearing the 'wizard' outfit they purchased in the Green Fields now they're back in the real world.

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