LIMS 09: day three's top picks

What did we tell you! It's the weekend, and the rockstars have arrived. While Roland's Juno-Di synth and Peavey's Revalver III update continue to fly the flag in the new gear corner, Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan and The Commitments are leading day three's highlights with style.

Oh, and please do pull up a chair (or a stool) and join us in our favourite new hobby: finger drumming. Now, where did we leave that NanoPad…

Day three highlights

VIDEO: Roland Juno-Di
We liked this performance-friendly synth so much we swung by Roland's stand, video camera in hand, to learn more…

VIDEO: Steve Vai interviewed!

Steve granted us a private audience to talk Alien Guitar Secrets, Naked Tracks and his upcoming live DVD, Where The Wild Things Are

VIDEO: David 'Fingers' Haynes rocks a Korg NanoPad
A finger drumming legend shows LIMS how it's done. Triggering Toontrack's Superior Drummer 2.0 along the way

VIDEO: Guthrie Govan live
If you want to watch a ludicrously-talented guitarist showing off in front of dozens of awe-gurning fans, this is the video for you

VIDEO: The Commitments live at Peavey's LIMS party
We snuck in to catch this legendary band performing Mustang Sally… long live aftershows!

VIDEO: Peavey ReValver Mk III + RTAS support
Peavey's Tom Allen gives us a whistlestop tour of ReVavler Mk III… this time in Pro Tools!

From the basement…

Walls of sound

Travelling to LIMS 09… Robot guitar style!

If Peavey made stools… oh, hang on

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