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Get $45 off a shred-ready Schecter C-6 Elite in this unbelievable pre-Black Friday deal at Guitar Center

Schecter C-6 Elite on an orange background
(Image credit: Schecter)

In one of the best pre-Black Friday guitar deals we’ve seen so far, Guitar Center is offering a cool 15% off this Schecter C-6 Elite, taking its price tag down from $299.99 to a mere $254.99. All you need to do is add the code ‘music15’ at the checkout when you make your purchase. But be warned, you only have a couple of day to strike before the sale ends on November 10.

If you’re a beginner in the market for your first electric guitar, or a more seasoned player looking to add another formidable axe to the rack, you really can’t go far wrong with the Schecter C-6 Elite.

Spec’d well beyond its price point, the guitar sports a lightweight basswood body – ideal for lengthy standing-up practice sessions or gigs – as well as a bunch of other comfort-ensuring features, including a satin-finished bolt-on maple neck, and a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard for uninhibited soloing in the upper registers of the guitar.

Schecter C-6 Elite: was $299.99 now $254.99

Schecter C-6 Elite: was $299.99 now $254.99
Get a Schecter C-6 Elite for only $254.99 in this insane early-Guitar Center Black Friday deal. With a formidable spec for the money, this nifty axe boasts a lightweight basswood body, comfortable satin-finished maple neck, 24-fret fretboard and a pair of Schecter Diamond Plus humbuckers offering an abundance of available tones. Simply add the code ‘music15’ at the checkout for your 15% discount!

Other features that defy the guitar’s sub-$300 price point include a Tune-O-Matic-style hardtail bridge – which ensures optimum tuning stability at all times – chrome hardware, Schecter machine heads, a dual action truss rod and an Aquaburst finish, which accentuates the body wood in an eye-catching-yet-understated way.

While Schecter markets its instruments primarily to heavy metal enthusiasts, the C-6 Elite is perfectly tailored to any style or music. It’s equipped with a pair of Schecter-designed Diamond Plus humbucking pickups, which can handle anything from crushing overdriven riffing to soaring solos to atmospheric cleans. You can tap into its abundance of available tones using its singular volume and tone knobs and three-way selector switch.

And if this doesn’t pique your interest, you can also get 15% off a host of other guitars, amps, keyboards and DJ gear at Guitar Center, also by using the code ‘music15’ at the checkout. All you need to do is pick a qualifying product priced at $199 or more.

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