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Add an extra slice of '80s razzle dazzle to your track with every purchase of Computer Music issue 291 (February 2021)! Yep, readers will get a free download of IK Multimedia’s stunningly recreated emulation of the Oberheim OB-X with this issue. Hey if it was good enough for Van Halen, Prince and Bon Jovi…

You’ll also be getting our usual selection box of samples from some of the finest samplesmiths around, with our special sci-fi themed packs. Don’t say we don’t make good on our promise to get you ‘Making Music Now’!

And while you’re there…

Fix Your Mix

Get learning how to turn your production from “so-so” to “ready to go” with this in depth tutorial on DIY mixing. As ever, all the tools you need to follow along come free with every issue, courtesy of CM’s famous plugin suite. In fact you can dip into this humongous suite for use with any of our other featured tutorials too, be it our monthly modular masterclass, our string arrangement special or our songwriting 101.


Get pro advice from artists at the top of their game, like US house titan Claude Von Stroke, DnB star and educator Philth, plus indie favourites Kelly Lee Owen and Mild Minds.

The Best New Gear Gets Our Verdict

Finally, when new product releases hit the (online) shops, you can trust us to guide you in your purchases, with reviews of the latest Cubase update (v11), Accusonus’ Era 5 and more…

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Get over 70 FREE plugin instruments and effects… image
Get over 70 FREE plugin instruments and effects…
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