This one-day-only Fender Play deal is the best we’ve ever seen - get a year’s worth of guitar lessons for only $29

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As one of our favourite online guitar lesson platforms, Fender Play delivers some of the best guitar tuition around for beginners. If you’re looking to make your mark on the guitar, then you’ll want to pay attention to this deal, as Fender is offering an annual subscription for a twenty-tiny $29. That’s a full $121 off the regular price, and it’s the cheapest we’ve ever seen an annual plan go for, making it a must-have deal for the burgeoning guitar player. 

Fender Play Annual: Was $150, now $29

Fender Play Annual: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Was $150, now $29
In this one-day-only deal, Fender Play has an absolutely ginormous discount, representing phenomenal value for money. At just $29, that’s a year's worth of guitar lessons for less than a couple of Ernie Ball 3-packs. With loads of regularly updated content and a host of professional guitar tutors, Fender Play is one of the best lesson platforms for total beginners to the guitar.

Sitting on the top spot of our online lessons guide, we’ve often praised Fender Play for its high-quality tuition. Multi-angle video content from pro guitar teachers makes it easy for beginner players to learn proper playing techniques, from their first riffs right through to full songs. The learning is all guided, built around your particular instrument whether that’s acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, or ukulele.

In our Fender Play review we loved how well everything was laid out, whether you’re using it on a desktop computer, laptop, or even mobile. The excellent user interface helps make learning easier, as students can still practice effectively no matter what device they’re using. It really holds your hand as you learn too, effectively guiding you through all the various techniques required to master your instrument, all at the behest of a selection of excerpt instructors. 

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