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Get Ernie Ball’s Expression Overdrive and Ambient Delay pedals for just $74.99

Ernie Ball
(Image credit: Ernie Ball)

Is it too early for Black Friday music deals? Absolutely not as the prices on these effects pedals are more than worthy of the word bargain. Ernie Ball's Ambient Delay and Expression Overdrive pedals offer you hands-free control over two of the most common guitar effects on your pedalboard, and now, thanks to Sweetwater, you can add them to your tone arsenal for a fraction of their full price – just $74.99 each, rather than the usual $299. 

Despite its name, the Ernie Ball Ambient Delay actually offers plate reverb as well as delay. With your heel down, your dry signal is passed through the pedal, with more reverb and delay being added as you push your toe down. 

Elsewhere on the pedal, there are controls for max reverb level, delay feedback and time, plus you can plug in a tap-tempo switch for even greater control of your delay sound.

The Expression Overdrive, meanwhile, gives you a drive control at your feet, allowing you to adjust your gain levels without having to lift a finger from the guitar. Three control pots on the pedal give you a maximum gain setting, tone control and boost.

Both the Ambient Delay and Expression Overdrive are built into classy aircraft aluminum housings, with the circuit safely sealed within the enclosure to protect it from outside elements. The moving kevlar strap is coated with PVC to ensure a sturdy and long-lasting operation.

Ernie Ball Ambient Delay | Was

Ernie Ball Ambient Delay | Was $229 now $74.99
The Ernie Ball Ambient Delay offers handsfree control over your effect levels. With a plate reverb and delay time of up to one second, you can dial-in the perfect amount of ambience for your sound. Other features include independent max reverb level and connection for a tap-tempo switch. Get it for $225 off the MSRP now!

Was $299

Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive | Was $299, now $74.99
The Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive allows you to fine-tune your gain settings without having to take your hands off the guitar. Whether you're looking for perfectly dialled-in tones or fast, expressive bursts of gain, you can use overdrive as you never have before with this innovative overdrive.

The full MSRP on these pedals is $299.99, saving you a massive $225 on the list price of both, and a discount of $75 (Expression Overdrive) and $55 (Ambient Delay) on the store's regular stock price. Hurry, though, as these prices will only apply to the pedals that are in stock, and at this price we don't expect them to stick around long!