Tama Stewart Copeland Signature drum kit

Sting doesn't have toys like these
Sting doesn't have toys like these

So your old pal Sting calls up and says, "Hey, dude, I'm bored with playing the lute and saving the rain forest. Whaddaya say we get the old group together and rock out like we did back in the day?" To which you say, "Cool!" And then you think to yourself, Wait...I need to get me an awesome drum set. But where? Relax. Tama's got you covered.

Tama's all-new Stewart Copeland signature drum set is a lot to take in all at once, as is its price -- over 12,000 clams if you want the whole thing lock, stock, and four smokin' octobans. Unlike his signature brass-shelled snare, which is a regular best-seller with Tama, Copeland's "Return of the Rhythmatist" Starclassic Maple kit is limited to only 50 sets worldwide. The stunning "Police Blue Sparkle" set is based on the specs of Copeland's own kit used on the 2007 Police World Reunion Tour. Two versions, the S142S Complete and the S112S Standard, will be available.

Here's the breakdown for the Standard set: SMB2218SC: 18x22" BD w/o Mount, SMT1008SC: 8x10" TT, SMT1208SC: 8x12" TT, SMT1309SC: 9x13" TT, SMF1616SC: 16x16" FT, SMF1816SC: 18x16" FT, SC145: 5x14" Copeland Signature SD (1.5mm brass shell), OCT443NSC: Octoban 5, OCT472NSC: Octoban 6, OCT536NSC: Octoban 7, OCT600NSC:Octoban 8, HOW29W: Octoban Stand for 2 pr.

The SC142S Complete Set includes the above components plus the following Tama Original Percussion drums: SMG20RSC: 14x20" Gong Bass TSM8SC: 4x8" Tymp-Tom TSM10SC: 4.5x10" Tymp-Tom.

Both the Standard and Complete Stewart Copeland signature sets feature Remo heads.

The following are U.S. list prices:

The S112S Standard 11pc shell kit lists for $9,750.00. The S142S Complete 14 pc kit features lists for $12,800.00. An optional hardware/stand package for 11 pc set lists for $2,180.00. An optional hardware package for the 14pc set lists for $2,700.00.

Now, that might sound steep, but if you're a Spirit in the Material World, hey, it's worth it. And besides, you can't let that Sting guy have all the fun.

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