Slapstik drumstick has flexible tip, drums really fast

A blur
A blur

The Slapstik drumstick might sound funny, but its manufacturers are hailing it as a "revolution in drumming" not seen since the invention of the double-bass drum pedal. Its defining characteristic is its flexible tip, which enables drummers to play at speeds not possible from your average stick.

It's certainly a novel idea, but like the aforementioned double-kick, these built-for-speed tools will surely raise the eyebrows of many a drum-traditionalist. We asked Rhythm magazine's master features editor, Chris Barnes, for his thoughts on the subject: "The Slapstik is a very innovative and unique product and, to my knowledge, there has never been anything like this before".

"Demonstrations I've seen suggest it makes playing easier, in the same way a double bass pedal can offer a drummer more playing options without needing a great technique. The purist in me considers these sticks in the same vein as the double pedal and believes that you cannot compete with a pair of regular sticks and a finely honed technique".

Slapstiks are sold separately for $9.95 each and if you buy four you get one free. You can also watch a video of the sticks in action on the company's website to help you make your mind up. MusicRadar is sitting on the fence with a Slapstik in one hand and a mallet in the other.

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