NAMM 2011: Natal launches its first drum kit line

NAMM 2011: Less than a year after Marshall Amps surprised the industry with its acquisition of percussion giant Natal, the collaboration has unveiled a brand new line of drum kits.

Here's the info from Natal's official site:

All of our drum kits are manufactured to the same high standards and using the same fittings throughout.

Choose your shell sizes from our extensive suggested shell pack listings, or configure your own custom kit as all shells are available separately.

Finally, you can determine wood and finish options to match your own taste and requirements!

All bass drums feature heavy-duty, ultra robust, telescopic, surface mounted legs and feature a high grade rubber foot to prevent slipping. The foot can be adjusted to reveal a spike for ultimate stability.

Maple hoops are fitted as standard and an identification badge to show your chosen wood is fitted to all bass drums. All tom and snare drums are fitted with 2.3mm shell hoops, highly chromed and double polished.

The following wood options are available:


Based on our long-term successful use of this wood in hand percussion manufacture, our first choice option for Drum kits is Ash. Utilising Ash as an inner ply and composite laminating it, we have produced a highly responsive shell at a very affordable price. The Ash kits feature exclusive Natal 'wrap' finishes.


Birch will generally give a brighter sound as it has a tendency to increase high end frequencies over both Maple and Ash. Available in a wide choice of Lacquer finishes


Maple gives boosted low ends along with smooth mid and high frequencies making for a very versatile kit. It is a wood that is often described as warm sounding due to this frequency range and response and is available with a broad choice of Lacquer finishes.


Bubinga is a hard tropical wood which is capable of introducing very delicate bright high range tones to the underlying depth. This is also available in a wide choice of Lacquer finishes.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Natal Drums

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