Musikmesse 2014: Ludwig launches Signet 105 kits

European launch for new range
European launch for new range

MUSIKMESSE 2014: Ludwig has announced the European launch of its brand new Signet 105 series.

The range aims to offer the up-and-coming drummer all the American craftsmanship that Ludwig is famous for, at an affordable price. Built with 105 years of drum making experience, the North American Maple shells resonate with the professional Ludwig sound.

Thanks to Ludwig's innovative Insta-Lite screw-less lugs and Triad 3-point tom suspension mounts, the Signet 105 Series allows you to build and personalise your signature sound in minutes.

Signet 105's 6 ply Maple Shell features a 'green' alternative to exotic finishes. X-Otec wood veneers are engineered for grain consistency with exotic styling, without leaving the damaging ecological footprint that comes with harvesting rare tree species. Ludwig's brand new hand-applied thin lacquer augments the grain of each veneer, and creates a natural satin look and feel. The kits are available in three satin lacquer finish over engineered exotic wood veneer, Macassar Ebony, Indian Teak and Alpine Blue.

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