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Liquid Percussion v9 offers eclectic loops

Liquid Percussion v9 - full of African and Latin treats
Liquid Percussion v9 - full of African and Latin treats

Ueberschall have announced the release of Liquid Percussion which they say provides highest quality percussion grooves, loops and single samples. The sample set consists of 3.5GB of full 24 bit recordings with over 4200 loops and single samples.

In Ueberschall's own words: "With Liquid's integrated Melodyne technology engine you're able to quantize, re-groove, timestretch and pitch every single loop and pattern of the originally live recorded percussion material without extra editing. All the loops automatically adjust their tempo to your arrangement while remaining groovy and keeping their natural colour."

There are over 60 different percussion instruments featured, including bongo, djembe, talking drum, tamboura and - oh yes - a gong.

Price is £116.99 in the UK, $199.95 in the US.

Full details at Ueberschall's official website.