Journey drummer Steve Smith unveils Sonor kit

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Steve Smith Celebrating 30 years of Sonor drum endorsing

Steve Smith: Celebrating 30 years of Sonor drum endorsing
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The kit is based on Steve s original set up

The kit is based on Steve's original set-up

Steve Smith, former sticksman with rock group Journey and more recently, jazz band Vital Information, has been a Sonor drum endorser for 30 years. To celebrate this, and the man himself, Sonor have announced the Steve Smith 30th Anniversary Limited Edition drum kit.

The kit is based on Steve's original set-up: a 20"x16" bass drum, 14"x14" and 16"x16" floor toms and 8"x8", 10"x8" and 12x8" tom toms. A 12"x5" snare drum completes the line-up.

All shells are hand-made from beech wood with a birdseye amber outer veneer and the bass drum comes equipped with a removable felt strap on both the batter and the resonant side. Phonic style claw hooks with wing screws help give the kit its vintage look.

Perhaps the most special part of the set is the snare, made up of a 3mm cast steel shell, die-cast hoops and Fiberskyn 3 batter heads in Diplomat thickness.


A pre-loaded audio/video player with MP3 tracks and videos from Steve's latest Hudson DVD are also included in the price, as is a double and single tom holder and multi clamp, and a pair of Vic Firth Steve Smith Anniversary Drumsticks. Bonus.