2box e-drums feature two pad sensors

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The pads feature both head and rim sensors

The pads feature both head and rim sensors
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The brain includes 10 dual function trigger inputs

The brain includes 10 dual-function trigger inputs

NAMM 2008 saw in a flurry of electronic drum releases including new Roland V-Drums, Yamaha DTXtreme III and Alesis DM5 and USB pro kits. Add these to the recently unveiled Roland HD-1 Lite and it's safe to say there's an e-drum kit to suit everyone, regardless of budget.

To that list, please welcome Swedish outfit 2box and its hard-to-miss orange and black DrumIT Five electronic kit.

The DrumIT set stands on a lightweight rack with pads ranging from 8" to 14". Like the V-drums range, all the pads feature both head and rim sensors. A bell, ride and edge cymbal are also included, each with three playing zones and a rubber coating to reduce acoustic noise.

Here's what the brain has to offer...

  • 10 dual-function trigger inputs
  • low latency trigger interface
  • 6 mono line out + stereo headphone out
  • stereo audio in
  • 128 user editable kits
  • USB interface + PC / Mac virtual kit manager
  • proprietary lossless compression format
  • 24bit sound playback

The DrumIT Five is scheduled to ship in spring 2008 and although no price has been set, 2box assure us it will cost somewhere below €2,000 for the full kit. The distributor in UK will be Hand In Hand.