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NAMM 2008: Alesis DM5 electronic drums feel like 'the real thing'

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Surge are a 'revolution' in electronic cymbal design

Surge are a 'revolution' in electronic cymbal design
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The USB Pro Drum Kit

The USB Pro Drum Kit
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The Trigger|iO module contains 20 programmable presets

The Trigger|iO module contains 20 programmable presets

Alesis has announced a double whammy of electronic drums: The USB Pro kit with the Trigger|iO module and the DM5 Pro kit complete with Surge electronic cymbals.

The DM5

According to Alesis, Surge are a 'revolution' in design - looking and feeling like the real thing without losing the flexibility expected from an electronic cymbal.

Alesis achieve the look by using a brass alloy, while the sound is managed by a clear dampening layer. The cymbal line-up includes a 12" hi-hat, 13" crash and 16" Dual-zone ride. The toms, snare and bass drums come complete with real drum heads to complete the 'real' feel.

The DM5 brain features 540 sounds and 21 programmable drum sets with ambient effects. Alesis' Dynamic Articulation program allows drum sounds to change volume, tone, and pitch depending on how hard they're hit.

The USB Pro Kit

The USB Pro Drum Kit combines the Alesis Trigger|iO module with drum kit controller hardware. The cymbals and drum pads feature multiple zone triggers while the hi-hat pedal reads and translates foot motion.

The Trigger|iO module includes:
- 10 TRS trigger inputs
- 20 programmable presets
- BFD Lite Software Drum Module (Mac and PC) with VST, AU and DXi plug-in formats
- USB 1.1 Plug and Play (Windows and Mac), MIDI Out
- customisable trigger settings for Gain, assignment of MIDI channels, note numbers, crosstalk, velocity curve, threshold, re-trigger time and pad type
- Mounting holes for optional drum stand mount

Both kits will be available in Q2 2008 - the USB kit costs $799, while the DM5 will set you back $999. See the Alesis website for more information.