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Yamaha DTXtreme III electronic drum kit uses synth technology

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The Special model uses Yamaha's new Hex Rack System

The Special model uses Yamaha's new Hex Rack System
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The DTXtreme III Standard configuration

The DTXtreme III Standard configuration

Yamaha's popular DTX range has a new flagship model - the DTXtreme III. This re-worked electronic drum set boasts brand new cymbals, kick pad and module, which uses the same technology that powers the MOTIF XS synth.

The brain includes over 1,000 onboard drum, percussion and special effect voices including samples from Yamaha's oak, maple, birch and beech Custom Absolute acoustic drum ranges. The module also includes over 100 general MIDI voices and a USB port.

The DTXtreme III comes in Special or Standard configurations. The Standard is a more compact version of the Special, but by sharing the same module, both set-ups retain the same features.

All of the tom and cymbal pads are now 3 zone, which means you can assign three separate sounds to different zones on one pad. The tom and snare pads also have a controller knob so you can control pitch and effects directly from the pad.

Perhaps the main perk with the Special version is the hardware. All the pads are attached to the new Hex Rack System, which, according to Yamaha, is its 'strongest and most versatile rack' yet.

The DTXtreme III will be available from April 2008. For more information, visit Yamaha drums or