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DJ EXPO 2014: The Beatport Music store is the world's largest collection of digital music customized specifically for and by DJs.

It features millions of high-definition, DRM-free tracks in multiple formats across more than 20 genres and sub-genres from the world's top artists, curated by dance music experts and updated weekly with hundreds of exclusive new releases not available on any other site.

Beatport's charts reflect what DJs are buying and playing, and as such serve as barometer for what fans are hearing at clubs and events worldwide. The sales chart tracks what DJs choose to buy from week to week via the Beatport Music store, and landing in our Top 10 lists is a career-making achievement for up-and-coming artists. DJ charts are playlists of what DJs are playing in their sets from week to week. Together, they represent the most accurate snapshot of what the world's dance music fans are hearing at any given time.

Available in 230 countries, the Beatport Music store has won the Winter Music Conference's International Dance Music Award for Best Dance Music Specialty Retailer every year since 2006.

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