Charity auction for drum kit smashed by Mike Portnoy restarted after "drunk idiot" retracts winning bid

Mike Portnoy recently wowed the internet by performing his favourite Rush songs on a child-size drum set, which he ultimately destroyed before agreeing to auction it for charity.

However, while the auction - set up by Loudwire in aid of the American Brain Tumor Association to honour Mike's hero, Neil Peart -  was getting off to a good start, it has had to be reset after the winning bid of $1575 was retracted.

Loudwire has posted the news calling the unnamed bidder a "drunk idiot" while sharing the message received from the eBayer, who confessed, "Sorry, but I was drunk at that time so, you have to continue the bid."

As a result the kit has now been re-listed on the auction site, with the new auction ending on March 5.  

Neil Peart passed away in January after secretly battling brain cancer for three-and-a-half years. In the original video for the charity auction, Mike Portnoy paid tribute to the Rush drummer, “Losing Neil has been truly devastating and heartbreaking and I don’t want to make light out of that." 

He continues, "To get serious for a moment, we are going to auction this off. I’m gonna sign it and the proceeds for this are going to go toward brain cancer research. I just wanted to say, Neil, rest in peace. You’ll always be my hero and I love you. Thank you for everything.”

Stuart Williams

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