Beginner guitarist? Get $400 worth of Guitar Tricks lessons and extras for just $99 in this brilliant Black Friday sale

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The holiday season is nearly upon us and we’ll soon see an influx of brand-new guitar players picking up the instrument for the first time. If you’ve already selected the best beginner guitar, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the knowledge to go with it.  Lucky for you, Guitar Tricks are offering a year’s access to their comprehensive lesson library for just $99 (opens in new tab)in their Black Friday sale. Including well over 11,000 video lessons, a Custom Lesson Plan tailored to you, and four free gifts worth $196, it all adds up to a total value of $400.

When you first start playing the guitar things can seem both confusing and overwhelming. Online forums often give conflicting information on whether you should learn theory or not, and if it's better to start on an electric guitar or acoustic guitar. With Guitar Tricks you’ll get a concrete structure for your guitar development, put together by expert tutors who’ve been there and got the t-shirt.

If you want to learn more about Guitar Tricks you can see how it stacks up against others in our online guitar lessons guide.

Guitar Tricks Annual Subscription: $400 (opens in new tab)

Guitar Tricks Annual Subscription: $400, $99 (opens in new tab)
This incredible Black Friday deal includes a full year’s access to the Guitar Tricks lessons library with over 11,000 video lessons, four completely free gifts worth $196, and a Custom Lesson Plan, totaling a value of $400. Providing a structured learning experience for guitarists old and new, the vast selection of lessons available will improve any guitarist’s playing.

The foundation of Guitar Tricks' online guitar lessons is their Core Learning System which gives you all the basics you need to start playing guitar in a structured plan. It’s not just beginners who can benefit either, there’s plenty on offer for intermediate and advanced guitarists too. A proper structure to your learning is crucial to improving your playing, preventing you from getting distracted by misinformation.

The vast library of 900+ songs and counting includes loads of hits from familiar names such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, The Eagles, and many more music legends. The songs are arranged in a beginner-friendly way, to ensure it’s easy enough for players of any level to pick up.

You also get four free gifts worth $196 to help supplement your learning. The Song Builder’s Toolbox helps you get started writing your own songs, Chord Theory Magic increases your knowledge of music theory, whilst Jam Tracks Rock and Jam Tracks Blues give you loads of high-quality backing tracks to play along with.

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