NAMM 2023: Beyerdynamic reimagines its iconic M Series of microphones

The new M Series relaunches seven classic Beyerdynamic microphones
(Image credit: Beyerdynamic)

NAMM 2023: Beyerdynamic's M Series of microphones has been given a complete overhaul, but with the promise that it will retain the qualities that have made it so popular with everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Dua Lipa.

Beyerdynamic has been producing award-winning headphones and microphones for very close to a century. While we are particularly smitten with its DT range of headphones, the company's M range of mics has become something of a standard in both the live and recording worlds. Artists from Jimi Hendrix to Dua Lipa have employed the mics in the studio or on stage, and now the company is relaunching the entire range with seven new models being unveiled at NAMM.   

Beyerdynamic is being careful to make sure the new range exhibits the same qualities that the previous one did, which was a broadly natural and precise sound. 

“When a product line is so beloved that it lasts 60 years on the market, it’s critical to balance making nuanced changes with maintaining what makes the products beloved in the first place,” says the company's Director of Production, Thorsten Bender.  

The new range comprises remakes of the famous the M 160 and M 130 ribbon microphones, plus the M 88 and M 201 dynamics, MC 950 and 930 condensers, and the MM 1 measurement mic.  

Exact prices have not been released yet, although the existing M range sells for between €150 and €700 so you can expect that kind of ballpark. The release date is also TBA. 

More info (but not much) from Beyerdynamic, and you can get more of the latest NAMM news from our NAMM 2023 hub page.

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