Best Rode NT-USB and Rode NT-USB Mini deals July 2024: find a desktop USB microphone bargain

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If you’re shopping for a new desktop microphone, you’re in luck. We’ve been trawling the web to find some of the best Rode NT-USB and Rode NT-USB Mini deals available, making these superb little mics even more appealing.

Both the NT-USB, introduced in 2014, and 2019’s NT-USB Mini are highly regarded in the streaming, podcasting and online content creation communities, and for good reason. Both deliver exceptional sound quality, and are about as easy to use as you could wish a USB microphone to be.

Competition is undoubtedly fierce around this price point, and there are plenty of viable alternatives to consider, but Rode clearly knows what it’s doing. It has a clear idea who these mics are aimed at - quality-conscious content creators - and the results truly speak for themselves. Now, let’s look at the Rode NT-USB and NT-USB Mini in more detail, as well as sharing some of the best deals we’ve found on these brilliant, versatile mics.

Best Rode NT-USB and Rode NT-USB Mini deals

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Best Rode NT-USB deals

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One of the best value USB mics out there

Launch price: $169/£135/€169 | Type: Condenser | Connectivity: USB | Pickup pattern: Cardioid | Features: Headphone out, volume out, blend control

Great design
iPad compatibility
Great sound quality
Lacks the flexibility of its competitors

Rode is one of the best-respected brands in the microphone world, so big things were expected of its first foray into the competitive desktop USB mic landscape. Thankfully, the Rode NT-USB delivers in almost every way. Its unobtrusive design means it won’t dominate your workspace, and the recorded sound quality is great. As you’d expect from one of the best USB mics, it is simple to use and we loved the included extras like a pop shield, tripod desk stand and super-long USB cable. This truly is the complete package for anyone needing a quick, straightforward mic that delivers superb results.

The lack of options you get with the Rode NT-USB is both a blessing and a curse. Without the ability to add a pad, you might be best advised looking elsewhere for recording overly loud instruments. Likewise, the cardioid pattern means it produces its best results when it’s placed directly in front of whatever’s being recorded. ‘Centre of the table’ conference calls aren’t its forte. But, on the other hand, this isn’t meant for high-pressure studio sessions, so the fact there’s very little to tweak - or get wrong - actually makes sense here. It’s a personal mic, and it succeeds completely within these parameters.

The option to hook it up with an iPad using the Camera Connection Kit means it makes for a wonderful travelling studio, perfect for everything from podcasts to music. It might lack a few features seen on other similarly-priced mics, like switchable pickup patterns, but what it lacks in features it more than makes up for by being a highly capable, great sounding mic.

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Rode NT-USB Mini deals

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Rode NT-USB Mini

Small but perfectly formed mini mic

Launch price: $99/£89/€99 | Type: Condenser | Connectivity: USB and XLR | Pickup pattern: Cardioid | Features: Gain control, headphone out

A lot of mic for the money
Tiny footprint
Built-in pop filter
USB-C connectivity
Not at this price

Coming in at under $/£100, the Rode NT-USB Mini takes everything that’s good about its bigger sibling and shrinks it down even more. It’s not even as if the standard version was massive, but options are good, right? Weighing in at a little under 600g, this miniature mic is perfect for gaming streams or Zoom calls, where pro-grade audio quality isn’t the top priority. The built-in pop filter is a nice touch, meaning you can avoid those nasty plosives, while the zero-latency headphone output makes the NT-USB Mini ideal for recording demo tracks or vocals. It would be nice to have control over input gain on the mic itself, rather than via whichever software you’re using, but it’s a small gripe.

We liked the fact it uses USB-C for connectivity, meaning it can be connected directly to iPad Pro devices for a neat, portable recording solution. The design of the stand also warrants mention too; while the NT-USB Mini can be connected directly to a mic stand, it can also be housed on a magnetically-coupled base unit which has enough flexibility and rigidity to be a mainstay on your desk for years to come. 

Overall, it’s hard to criticise this mic. To do so would be highlighting the things it can’t do, rather than focusing on what it can. Essentially what you’re getting is one of the best budget USB microphones around -  a low-cost, decent quality, well designed USB desktop mic from one of the best brands in the business, all for under a hundred notes. Can’t complain too much, really.

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