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Best of 2019: MusicRadar's review of the year

Excel drum machine

(Image credit: Dylan Tallchief)

Someone made an Excel drum machine, and it’s amazing
We’ll be working late tonight

On the anniversary of Metallica’s St. Anger, we ask, was the snare really that bad?
Terrible snare sound, or just context?

David Lee Roth joins Armin Van Buuren on stage for an EDM remix of Van Halen’s Jump
There has been a disturbance in the musical Force

Beatbox is a cardboard drum machine that you can build in under an hour
And it’s easy to recycle if you ever want to get rid of it

Matt Bellamy has an Arturia Prophet V synth built into his guitar, courtesy of Fishman and Mind Music Labs
Plugin running on the ELK MusicOS platform for Muse