Behringer takes no time in releasing early images of its CS-80 clone

Behringer has taken no time in dropping images for its reimagining of Yamaha's legendary CS-80 synthesizer.

In a recent facebook post, the Music Tribe brand uploaded several images detailing very early concept renders of the finished article, which will be called the DS-80.

On first glance it all looks very 'knob-per-function', with the original preset section exposed for all to see.

The DS-80 also boasts polyphonic aftertouch, a ribbon controller, albeit not as large as the original and the obvious inclusion of MIDI.

The post comes very swiftly after Uli Behringer took to Facebook to announce Behringer's interest in recreating the highly sought after polysynth, which came off the back of Yamaha asking for everyone's opinion on coming out with its own version of the CS-80.

Our guess is that this may force Yamaha's hand into coming up with something different instead of a standard reissue. 

Behringer fully intends to come good on this one, but knows it will take some time, so the race is very much on.

DS-80 main features

  • Multi-Timbral 8-Voice Polyphonic
  • Analog Synthesizer with Dual Channels per Voice
  • Polyphonic Aftertouch
  • Ribbon Controller 
  • Patch Memory
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