DJs can now adjust the tempo of tracks in Bandcamp from their browser

(Image credit: Bandcamp)

There were already plenty of reasons to love Bandcamp. The platform empowers artists to self-release their music and receive a far heftier slice of the economic pie than they might garner through traditional models, and throughout the pandemic, they regularly waived their share of artists' revenues to support those affected by COVID's impact.

That's not to mention the site's pleasingly simple, uncluttered interface, and the excellent music journalism that you'll find over at Bandcamp Daily. All in all, it's probably one of the best places to discover and purchase music on the internet, which makes it a popular destination for DJs both amateur and professional. 

A new invention from Seattle-based developer, producer and label head nohup is set to make life easier for Bandcamp-inclined DJs, and digital crate-diggers more generally: Bandcamp Tempo Adjust. 

This genius browser extension adds a +/- tempo slider to Bandcamp's interface within the browser, meaning those listening through tracks on the platform can experiment by previewing how any song sounds at different tempos before they purchase. 

Like a real turntable, the extension will adjust both pitch and speed when changing tempo. The user can change the range of the slider, and hit the percentage button to reset the tempo. The developer already has plans to expand the extension's functionality to include a real-time BPM counter. 

Bandcamp Tempo Adjust is available now for Chrome and Firefox

nohup, the developer behind the extension, is also the head of Seattle-based label illegal afters tracks


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