Bandcamp is making it easy to release your music on vinyl, and there’s no financial risk

You may well have joined the vinyl revival as a consumer, but getting your own music onto ‘liquorice pizza’ might seem like a step you’ll never be able to take. However, Bandcamp is set to make it eminently possible with the launch of its new “risk-free, hassle-free” vinyl production service.

It’s based on a crowdfunding model, which means there’s no upfront investment on your part. Set up your campaign and, once the funding target has been reached, everyone who’s placed an order will receive their record.

Bandcamp handles all the pressing, printing and packaging, but doesn’t take any kind of ownership. All you have to do is choose your design and set your pricing.

Bandcamp says that its manufacturing partner has more than 60 years’ experience in the vinyl production business, and is confident that the sound quality will be high.

The service will be open to all Bandcamp artists and labels later this year, but four pilot campaigns have been set up to illustrate how it will work. Find out more on the Bandcamp website.

Ben Rogerson

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