5 unmissable deals on synths, samplers and drum machines that will be gone by tomorrow: Korg, Novation, Sequential & Elektron

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As Cyber Monday draws to a close, your window of opportunity grab a banging deal (or two, or three) is swiftly closing. We don't mean to be dramatic, but if you're in the market for a cut-price synth, drum machine, or any other piece of music-making gear, you'd be well-advised to act sooner rather than later. 

With that in mind, we've hand-picked five highly-rated synths and drum machines that have been discounted by up to $200 this Cyber Monday.

Here we have options that span the spectrum of expense from Sequential's excellent-but-pricy Take 5 polysynth - $150 off at $1349 - to Korg's Drumlogue drum machine, which is quite frankly a steal, priced down from $599 to $399. Bearing the coveted MusicRadar seal of approval, these are all instruments that our team of experts have reviewed, tested and enjoyed.

Novation Circuit Rhythm: was $399,

Novation Circuit Rhythm: was $399, now $349
Circuit Rhythm packs a surprising amount of music-making potential into its lightweight chassis. With eight audio channels, 128 sample slots and real-time sampling capabilities, Rhythm is a versatile audio manipulator, bolstered by some nice touches like punch-in performance effects such as beat repeats, rhythmic gating, phasing and a lusciously lo-fi vinyl sim effect. If you like the sound of that, give the equally-discounted Circuit Tracks a look too.

Korg Drumlogue: was $599,

Korg Drumlogue: was $599, now $399
This percussion-focused successor to Korg's popular Minilogue analoge synth range adopts a hybrid approach that fuses analogue drum synthesis with a multi-track sample engine and an open-source digital synth engine capable of hosting custom synth patches and effects. We praised the Drumlogue's expansive I/O and its colossal range of sounds, which would slot nicely into everything from sizzling synth-funk to minimal techno to festival-ready EDM.

Korg Minilogue XD: was $649

Korg Minilogue XD: was $649, now $599
The Korg Minilogue XD is a 37-key analogue powerhouse capable of producing everything from razor-sharp leads to dreamy pads to chunky basslines. The synth's gnarly analogue tone can be run through the XD's two-pole filter, digital FX section and sophisticated step sequencer. The XD brings almost everything to the table you'd expect from a top-class analogue synth, for a price that's much easier to swallow.

Elektron Digitakt: was $899,

Elektron Digitakt: was $899, now $799
It's difficult to spend more than a minute on YouTube these days without spotting one of these puppies, such is the popularity of this drum machine, sampler and groovebox within the music tech community. For good reason, too - with 8 stereo tracks, 8 MIDI tracks and a flexible sequencer, the Digitakt is a powerhouse of a drum machine and sampler that's beloved by thousands of producers around the world. 

Sequential Take 5: was $1499,

Sequential Take 5: was $1499, now $1349
If you're a synth-head, you'll know Sequential's reputation for manufacturing high-end analogue synths like the legendary Prophet-5. The 5-voice polyphonic Take 5 reinvents the Prophet in a compact and contemporary format, bringing improved modulation and sequencing capabilities to add movement to its buttery smooth analogue tones. 

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