5 great new guitar accessories for 2021

Ernie Ball
(Image credit: Ernie Ball)

Best of 2021: We have showcased the best new guitars of 2021, the most exciting effects pedals, and you have got your guitar amplifier sorted, now let's take a virtual walk down the accessories aisle. 

We've got an aftermarket pickup upgrade to make your Strat a little more Nerdville, a smart clip-on tuner, and then there's an app... Which you could download right here, right now...

The Gibson App

The Gibson App is a total immersion in the world of guitar playing. It is full of features, and offers a tuition platform for guitar players of all levels.

The Gibson App also offers a portal to GibsonTV, with early access to its content, so you can take five to watch Mark Agnesi chew the fat with Kirk Hammett on its Icons series, or look on and drool at some of the world's most desirable electric guitars in The Collection. 

There's advice on how to set up your guitar, the built-in tuner that supports standard tuning and alternative tuning options and there's a wealth of interactive lessons with Audio-Augmented Reality technology listening in as you play along to offer feedback. 

Gibson says new features will be added to the app each month. Download it now for iOS and Android

Boss TU-02 guitar tuner


(Image credit: Boss)

When the makers of industry standard guitar tuner pedals bring a new clip-on model to your headstock, it's definitely worth your attention. 

The TU-02 is a clip-on tuner designed for guitar, bass, ukulele and other stringed instruments, and offers a high-contrast colour display with a choice of tuning modes for electric and acoustic guitar, 4- and 5-string bass, plus ukulele. 

The best news bit? It costs just $12.99 and available in February. 

See Boss for more details.

Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa "Bonnie" Stratocaster single-coil pickup set

Joe Bonamassa's '55 hardtail Strat is one of his favourite guitars. Now Seymour Duncan has recreated its pickups for the Bonnie set with era-accurate cloth, pushback lead wires, black Forbon flatwork, Alnico IV rod magnets, and a uniform 5.96K rating. 

Get set for vintage-correct, accurately aged plastic covers that replicate Joe’s originals and a custom-made Chicklet "Phone Book" .1uF/150V capacitor teamed with Joe’s preferred 5-way selector switch to Bonnie’s modern switch tip and mini skirt control knobs. 

The Bonnie set is handmade in the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, Santa Barbara, California, and only available in a very limited run of 550 sets (£419 / $335) and 100 loaded pickguards (£599 / $550).

Ernie Ball Slash Signature Slinky strings

Ernie Ball

(Image credit: Ernie Ball)

Slash has been a loyal Slinky man for decades and Ernie Ball has now awarded him rare signature set of electric guitar strings in return. 

A limited edition run, the 11-48 gauge strings reflect his preference for Power Slinky sets and are ideal for those who tune a half or even whole step down. But there's more going on with the spec here than just thickness.

The Slash custom-wound Slinkys feature a Paradigm core wire and plasma-enhanced nickel-plated steel wrap wire, with further strength and tuning stability  provided by a heavier brass wire reinforcement at each of the ball ends.

The signature strings are available in sets of three in a collectable tin box for $34.99 and can be preordered from Ernie Ball and US retailers including Sweetwater

Boss BCB pedalboards

Boss have added three fresh new pedalboards to their BCB range and there is something for everyone. 

All have integrated with heavy-duty moulded cases featuring detachable lids, with the BCB-1000’s (£349 / $399) innovative suitcase-style built for the road with dimensions that meet most carry-on luggage requirements. It has wheels and a retractable handle, while its aluminium mounting surface supports two rows of effects pedals.

The BCB-90X (£169 / $205) and BCB-30X (£45 / $61) offer a rigid foam insert with pre-cuts for standard BOSS compact pedals, but players can cut the foam to their own specs for different pedal sizes. 

The BCB-90X features integrated junction boxes for cables and power and comes with a PSB-1U power supply. Both models include a daisy-chain cable for DC power distribution.    

More info over at Boss.