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Sampling with HALion 6 - pt 6: Building complex instrument interfaces

In this six-part video series we are teaming up with audio software giants Steinberg to explore the power and creativity of modern sampling and instrument creation.

Throughout these half a dozen episodes, we’ll use Steinberg’s insanely powerful sampler-and-synth hybrid instrument HALion 6 to walk you through the full spectrum of sampling and sound design techniques: from basic audio sampling, sonic manipulation, cutting-edge synthesis and resynthesis; through to DIY field recording, sound-layering, multisampling and much more.

In this final episode we show you how easy it is to design a pro-quality instrument interface using HALion 6’s Macro Page Designer.

With HALion 6, you can build a bespoke interface for your instrument, complete with adjustable parameters and GUI elements, then package it all up into your own custom-built instrument for sharing and distributing.

You can download the sixth and final episode’s instrument from here, then load it up in HALion 6 or HALion Sonic 3. Don’t worry if you don’t own these, though – simply download the free HALion Sonic SE player instrument from Steinberg’s website and load up our patches.