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It's in shops today. And it looks like this! Moody, non?

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It's brilliant that after spinning us the same 'too expensive' 'too random' and 'too unreliable' yarn for the past 25 years, that a company as hi-tech and future-focused as Korg can have the balls to deliver a brand new piece of genuinely analogue kit.

What had become the pricey preserve of German and American 'boutique' synthesists is now a mass-market, well-built, easy to use product that deserves to sell by the bucketload. They're delivering what people actually want at a price that they're willing to pay. And how often does that happen? Check out our exclusive review of the Korg monotribe in this month's mag!

But it's so much more than great gear that's got us excited this month. Our incredible Low End Theory feature will make you think more deeply about your bass. We're certain that more toned and pleasing bottom ends are just pages away.

Don't miss all the latest kit from the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011 all over our Filter section. Go discover!

And finally special thanks to Alex Metric for a superb In The Studio With this month - check out his tips and studio on video on our DVD - and respect to the master, Adrian Sherwood for an insight into his 30-year career at the cutting edge.

Want a flavour of Metric's exclusive video? Check out this issue's trailer below. Remember the full version is only available on this month's DVD with the mag!

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