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220 is on sale now. It looks like this. Buy it. Be impressed.

Yes. It's that time again. Another new issue and another milestone in Future Music's continued quest for your impending greatness.

There´s nothing more exciting (scary?) than taking centre stage at the mic and belting out a tune. Some folks take to it like Robbie Williams to Wembley, while others literally ‘can´t sing´ no matter how much ‘toffee´ is being shoved their way. Being ‘the singer´ requires not only the skill to sing, but also the personality to make good on the promise that the job title always carries with it. Erk.

Where's this intro heading? In the direction of this month's biiiig feature, of course!

It's a fact that many producers either never indulge their tracks with vocals, or have to search (and pay) for someone to do the job. However - like so many other aspects of music production - modern studio tech can help. This month´s cover feature spells out the process that can not only turn first-time vocalists into pitch-perfect veterans, but reveals the secrets behind the incredible vocal sounds that dominate today´s hit records. We´re certain it´s going to inspire you to step up.

Keeping on the vocal vibe, check out our massive In The Studio with Claude VonStroke this month. Not only does the house giant invite us into his studio for the usual exclusive FM guided tour through his tracks and gear, but he's even been kind enough to gift you the multitrack parts to his Vocal Chords hit on the DVD. Remix it and win! Full details in the mag.

And wrapping this month's bumper package up there's a swollen review zone, with matching video and audio tests on the DVD. In fact, this month there´s over three hours of video to enjoy. So, do find an excuse to kick back and enjoy.

And to get you warmed up (as only a guy with a beard can) here's this month's teaser vid of VonStroke in action.

FM220 Promo Feat: Claude VonStroke from will seelig on Vimeo.

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