Future Music 219 On Sale Today!

Future Music

219 is on sale now. Already! Jesus! We only finished it a minute ago!

It's chockful with greatness so watch out for that cover they're all calling a) eyecatching and b) unhinged.

It´s been murder keeping secrets this month. Our Korg microSampler arrived under armed guard weeks before its first blurred photos appeared on the ´net. Yes, while the rumours flew we were making music with ours, and preparing the first review only in FM. And our months-in-planning sojourn to Imogen Heap´s house had us biting our lips, as interest in her brilliant new album rose. Again - the making of her album and the contents of her superb studio are only in Future Music.

Likewise our trip to see Alan Braxe. The secretive star has never done an interview like this and having him fire up his Emu SP1200 to play his classics for our DVD was a true magic moment that we´ve been dying to unleash. Do not miss this.

And as the hardware rolled in this month, things took a distinctly synthetic flavour. Special respect to Chromeo for the inspiration for this month´s ‘synthi´ cover BTW and likewise to the venerable old BBC for finally putting together a show that tells the Synth Pop story as it happened. Full story inside the mag.

Elsewhere this month we´ve a superb synth-inspired feature on MIDI programming and the usual complement of software and hardware knowledge, tailor made with DVD content and all designed to put you and your music on top.

We think you´ll like it. Buy it and try to prove us wrong!

But first enjoy a couple of excerpts from our full length videos.

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