New free CM iPhone/iPod touch app available on the App Store now!

Computer Music: Make Music Now, Vol 3
Computer Music: Make Music Now, Vol 3

The third in our ongoing series of free Make Music Now apps for iPhone and iPod touch is available in the App Store now. The genre this time round is trance, and the bundled loops include drums, percussion, bass, pads, leads and more.

Make Music Now is the perfect introduction to music production on your iPhone or iPod Touch! Slice and sequence the built-in samples into a finished song using the intuitive touch interface, set track levels in the Mixer and impress your friends with the results. All sounds come from the professionally produced, royalty-free sample libraries included every month on the Computer Music DVD, while the App itself has been designed to be easy to use, flexible and creatively inspiring. Get Computer Music: Make Music Now, Vol 3 here.

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