Grab an Xmas bargain

There are some cracking Christmas deals around at the moment, so here's our guide to some of the big software savings you could make during the festive season.


25% discount on all plug-in bundles until 31st December 31 2010.

Mildon Studios

Up to 70% discount on plug-ins until 3rd January 2011.


Use these codes to access discounts until the 24th:

FROHMAGE-PLEASURES (40% off the Quad Frohmage filter bank)

OHMBOYZ-MUSKETEERS (40% off the OhmBoyz delay)



All sample libraries in the shop are 50%, but European residents will need to add 19% German VAT to the final amount. Offer applied until the 24th of December 2010.

Orders can be mailed to


Discounts of up to 44% for an unspecified period.

Wave Alchemy

Up to 50% off selected products until 29th December 2010.

Computer Music

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