FREE VST/AU instrument: Bass Engine CM

The March edition of Computer Music (CM214) saw the introduction of Beat Machine CM - a phat drum ROMpler packed with raw, rugged hip-hop drum kits - and we've teamed up again with developers DopeVST to bring you the beatbox's partner in crime... here's Bass Engine CM!

Bass Engine CM is a hefty bass ROMpler packed with 45 of the finest authentic 'sampled' basses and hip-hop-style patches. Its skillfully crafted sounds exude the class and power of classic hip-hop bass tones, inspired by and categorised into three decades in the genre's history: the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s. All of the factory content, while sounding like it's been lifted straight from a vinyl record or sampled from a dusty MPC, has in fact been painstakingly created from scratch in the DopeVST labs. Bass Engine CM also comes bundled with 50 MIDI files: riffs in the style of classic hip-hop bass licks. Check out the video above for more.

Features and uses:

  • 45 sub-shaking patches - sampled subs, electric tones, upright bases, synth bass, 808s and more
  • Presets emulate classic hip-hop bass tones from three decades - 1990s, 2000s and 2010s
  • All patches are copyright-free, while sounding authentically 'sampled'
  • Three voicing modes - Poly, Mono and Legato
  • ADSR volume envelope
  • Volume, Pan, Glide and Pitch knobs
  • Bundled with 50 MIDI riffs in the style of classic hip-hop bass licks
  • 32-/64-bit PC VST
  • 32-/64-bit Mac AU/VST

How to get Bass Engine CM:

Buy Computer Music magazine issue 217 (CM217) and you can download Bass Engine CM right away.

For more info on CM Plugins, read our FAQ, and find out about our Vault download system.

Once you've put Bass Engine CM through its paces, point your web browser towards DopeVST's website and take a look at the plugin's bigger brother, Bass Engine. It features a whopping 300 authentic hip-hop bass patches that will provide weight and girth to any electronic production. Find out more at DopeVST's website here.

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