Demo ROMplers on-line with

Most multi-gigabyte bits of music software, including the majority of ROMplers, don´t have their own trial versions. Now thanks to Best Service and you can test a selection of these sample-packed instruments out from the comfort of your PC. The Try-Sound Windows application allows you to connect your computer to a remote machine loaded with a selection of ROMplers including titles such as Drums Overkill, Real Strat and Chris Hein Bass.

You can then proceed to load patches, play them with your MIDI keyboard, and even tweak their settings using the on-screen controls. The only limitations (aside from the inevitable latency and compressed audio quality) are a 25-minute time limit for each session, and the fact that the software emits bird noise constantly. We presume this is to discourage users from recording the instruments´ output, but it might just be for relaxation purposes - we certainly felt more tranquil after trying it out.

You can check out the software for yourself by registering at CM looks forward to the day when all music is made on-line to twittering bird accompaniment...