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• AMB ElectraBass Rack CM!

Exclusive to

Computer Music

, this latest synth addition to the CM Studio is perfect for crafting sweet bass lines. However, it's capable of much more than it's name might suggest - pads, leads, FX, you name it!

• 1957 royalty-free samples - metal and more!

The centrepiece of this issue's samples is a set of 1815 punishing metal sounds, featuring pounding drums, screaming guitars and larynx-lacerating vocals. As well as these metal treats, there are Battery kits, REX files, Apple Loops and an exclusive ReFill.

• El-B Producer Masterclass video

The reluctant two-step saviour invites us into his studio to give us a one-to-one demo of how it's done. And not only does El-B reveal his production methods, but he's full of the kind of industry insider advice that can only be cultivated through years of experience - listen and learn!


• The CM guide to metal

If the art of producing super-tight, ultra-heavy metal masterpieces has so far eluded you, then our monster 13-page feature on this very topic is what you need. We show you exactly how to lay down punchy drums, record razor-sharp guitars, track awesome vocals, and mix the lot into one brutal behemoth.

• Seb Fontaine interview

Super-successful Seb Fontaine has been rocking the clubs since the early 90s dance music boom, and not just as a DJ: he's a prolific producer too. In this CM interview, he talks us through his views on the advances in music technology, why it's good to risk screwing up now and again, and how he likes sticking things on his CDs

• Guitar lab: MIDI guitar

Our all-new regular series kicks off with a guide to making the most of what should be the ultimate in high-tech guitar wizardry, but is still viewed with mistrust by many guitarists: the MIDI guitar system. With today's technology, can we finally look forward to solid tracking and quality sounds? You bet!

• The essential guide to mastering

So you think your latest track sounds awesome… until you hear it alongside a professional production and realise it's lacking in punch, volume and 'sparkle'. Our guide explains precisely how to master your tracks to give them that elusive pro sound.

• Scrapyard studio - Part 1

Outdated PCs are ten-a-penny these days, so why not put them to work in your studio? In the first of a two-part feature, we investigate the musical possibilities of yesterday's PC hardware and software.

• Reviewed!

Native Instruments

Traktor Scratch

• Sibelius Software

Sibelius 5

• XT Software


• PowerFX

Sweet Ann

• TerraTec

Axon AX 50 USB

Universal Audio

Neve 88RS


VariVerb Pro

• d16


• Wave Arts

Master Restoration Suite

• Frontier Design Group



• The Power of Melodyne

• Win one of four Ableton Live courses at Manchester MIDI School, worth £195 each!

• Synth Essentials: Fixed Filter Bank

• Off The Dial: How to begin a piece

• The Easy Guide: Brass notation

• Give It Away Now!: Our new guide to the best freebies around

• The Burning Question: Is creative sampling a dying art?

• And much more!

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